Monday, 4 January 2010

Time for Colour (or even Color!)

What is the point of a journal if there is no colour?

Colour brightens the day, and if this was a paper journal I'm sure there would be colour on each page.

This is a piece of paper that is a 'work in progress'.  Eventually it will be the cover of a little book.  It may even be the cover of a book which will be part of a giveaway. The jury is still out on what exactly the giveaway will be, I've made one book, but then I had another idea for it (watch this space) so I will have to make something else.  As for this paper - it still needs more colour, but I want to think carefully before adding more.  Should it be more of the same, or something to unify?  Let's wait and see - often the best policy.  Sometime, somewhen, inspiration will strike and it will be just perfect....

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  1. Visual ecstasy, that's what you've given us here. I vote for the unify part.


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