Thursday, 14 January 2010


Written during my enforced internet absence

When snow comes I hibernate.
Not for me the rides on sledges;
Snowballs aimed at laughing friends
Enjoying as they miss and shatter!

Snowmen rise above the snowdrifts -
Noses made from orange carrots.
No walks of pleasure just to view them,
Friendly chats with passers by.

Scarves and hats don't compensate
For cold and shiver, fingers blue.
Frozen milk and heat bills soaring -
Close the door and stay inside.

Rather just ignore the season
Slush and mess will come too soon
Spring is just around the corner
Life is promised then, anew.

(If you want more info on why I was missing in action follow this link)


  1. Great poem that expresses my sentiments as well. Can't wait for spring!

  2. didn't know you were a poet! I'm waiting patiently for the renewal - excited for this spring, and a new garden! Comment: I'm having trouble seeing your banner text - dark on dark...{:-D

  3. Sometimes it is amazing the talents we find when we can step away from our computers for a while.

    "Just remember in the Winter
    far beneath the fallen snow
    lies the seed that with the sun's light
    in the Spring becomes the Rose"

  4. That was so great! I really love this part...Scarves and hats don't compensate
    For cold and shiver, fingers blue.
    hehe.. that's great!


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