Sunday, 17 January 2010

Mid-month catch up (a couple of days late)

 There were a few things that I promised myself at the beginning of the month.  How am I doing?  Well, not everything is accomplished yet but:

1  Eat more vegetables
This was easy.  I love vegetables, so I've been adding a homemade soup to my lunch menu.

2  Comment on at least one blog a day
Yes, I've managed this too.  I couldn't do it during my enforced absence but I'm hoping to increase my commenting. 
3  Take a walk at least 3 times a week
I've even been doing this, except on a couple of days when the snow made it unrealistic.  I'm trying to walk just before lunch every other day.

4  Keep this journal
You can judge me on this one

5  Take more photographs
I certainly managed to take a mountain of photographs during the snow, want to  do more when I'm walking now.

6  Update at least one of my other blogs each day
Yes, so far - so good - except during my computer problems

7  Keep up with drawing practice

Well, something had to go!  I've done a little but not as much as I intended.

8  Make at least one book
Yes, I've made one, and want to do more.  I have an interesting journal idea, if it is a success you will see more, but not until March.

9  Recycle more

I want to use more  of the 'rubbish' that I would normally recycle.  Some of this is going into my books.  That's a start

10 Write a book for my grandson
Yes, I managed to do this too!  I wrote him a book about Christmas.  I included pictures of everyone that joined us on Boxing Day.  I must photograph it next time we see him.

So, that's my resume of the month so far.  Hopefully I can continue for the rest of the month.


  1. I haven't done so well on my "I'm gonna do this this month" list! hehe.. I had planned to make myself a reading list of a certain amount of books, and I did that, but then I went and ordered more books that I'm not going to want to wait to read! haha Either my list is going to be longer, or some books are going to be pushes off for another month! haha

    & I'm glad you comment on at least one blog a day! I always love your comments that you leave me. I really loved the one you left on my 101 things. It wasn't anything long, but it was one of my favorites!

  2. All that you already do and a list of "things to do" too? Very inspirational for this procrastinator who refuses to make a list ... then I cannot fail ... LOL

    Thank you for sharing, and best wishes in all of your endeavors.

  3. great ideas, and so glad the journal swap will help keep you on track. I will be using some of my journal topics for my blog... you too? {:-D

  4. Wow - You got a lot done - good for you!

  5. I have to say wow, too! And the month isn't even over yet! Would love to hear more about #10.


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