Friday, 15 January 2010

How many colours?

Just how many colours can you get from one small measure of dye?  The answer is - many!  This is just part of one dye sequence that resulted in 180 different colours from one measure each of red, yellow and blue.  None of the colours shown here are from the neat dye, all are mixes and everyone is different.  I may well be sharing more about this sequence at some point, but that's all for now, folks!


  1. The colors are lovely! I work with dye, too, and that's one of the joyous aspects of it--combining colors.

  2. Amazing, you do all this dyeing. Do your weave and spin? I love color.

  3. Good question: Do you weave and spin?

    Beautiful colors, love the fiber too. Would make a beautiful wrap.


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