Friday, 12 February 2010


I am often asked where I find my inspiration - and the answer is difficult.  It comes in a moment of time, and is always unexpected. 

Sometimes it will be a view as it flashes past during a car journey

Or from delving into the history of a landscape and combining elements in an abstract way

Sometimes it can be just a single shape that attracts

and sometimes finding the right materials to interpret can take a while

But sometimes - you just throw a piece of used paper down, and inspiration is instant

All I need now is time to interpret it in the way that I want.....

Look for inspiration - it is all around - and comes at the most unexpected moment.  It's at times like this that keeping a journal becomes very important.


  1. Thanks for bring sunshine into my life. I'm posting an award for you on my blog in a few minutes.
    Lovely pictures here.

  2. ..and I sometimes even get inspiration from an empty picture frame!!


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